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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Lets have some perspective Guys!!

First of all, what's ROFL?? And second of all, let's just close this discussion about my cribbing completely. We could go on for ages, and besides this is not what I had in mind, while agreeing to anish about the blog.. We have ample time in college to talk about this seeing that we haven't been attending any classes even if we are at college.. So, let's take the discussion there instead.

Waise, was talking to Danny abouyt it some time back. Am I alone in thinking that the US is actually taking India for a ride in this nuclear-deal?? I mean, yeah, the foreign ofiice, the PM et al have brains, but aren't we losing perspective?? From what little I have been able to gather from the various tit-bits that keep making guest appearances in the newspapers, the agreement does not really give India many opportunities to develop its indigenous nuclear-enabled power generation and associated (or otherwise) research??

Your views guys...

P.S. : Maddy, if you really want a laugh, I'll get you some more of Mithun's movies. They would definitely be more amusing than my posts. Plus, I'll throw in Himanshu's PC too. So u could really have a laugh while crashing it...!!!

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