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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

ag and john at it again

hmm... you two never stop!

abhinav you do crib a lot, more than most people, but its not such a bad thing. i think your cribbing makes you work harder and hence be successful. and as you said, you are also quite modest for a capable person like yourself. so keep cribbing.
so i suggest that instead of calling him a cribber, lets stick to 'clc' and his being g**!

waise today mush's book is coming out, and with it many new contoversies, many of them just amazing.

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Bertie said...

mr. pinki.. take it easy.. I am as sensitive about the g** thing as abt the cribbing thing. So, this is a serious request to you to refrain from from discussing those topics (atleast here) any more. do whtever you want to at coll, I am sure you know that there's a correct place and time for everything and this blog is just not for it.. Pls, this is a very serious request from me..