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Sunday, March 01, 2009

Delhi6 - really hits you in the end

Delhi 6 is much like RDB - A first half of general hulla gulla and some masti with characters being built up. There are some really funny typical "Delhi" moments - like the cop scenes, the one with the politician and pandemonium at the Ramlila. Abhishek and Sonam have done a good job here - the love story is subtle and interesting.

The Monkeyman menace is fresh in our memory. The director cleverly weaves this into the script by showing how people use the monkeyman for their own ends, to hide their own follies. from the dhongi baba, to the lil kids, the seth's two timing wife everyone uses the monkeyman menace to save their face. How Delhiites blame everyone but themselves is something I have noticed living in this city. Also the mindless religious beliefs, fundamentalism is never far from the surface here. Archaic practises like marrying off girls early and not letting them choose a career is common too. All these are depicted in the film in the most brilliant and subtle way.

The ending is handled brilliantly. With a communal riot brewing and Abhishek taking the hit to save the community. It takes an outsider for the people to realise their mistakes. A must watch film that makes you think. Also look out for the songs - I liked the "maula maula maula mere maula" song ! Maskali is done to death .. hehe :)

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