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Sunday, March 04, 2007


THE World Cup is back, and this time its going to be really fun (if you forget that the 1st round is part of the whole thing :P ). Round of 8 would be interesting, 24 matches among the top 8 teams! Though these top 8 teams are very closely matched, Aus SA and Ind should go through to the semis comfortably, i am sure gaurav would disagree with me :P . But fight for the fourth place would be exciting, still the more likely scenario would be NZ or SL going through, i mean Pak has lost its bowlers to dope; Eng plays with only 2 batsmen, collingwood can be called that after embarrassing the aussies, and flintoff; WI though have the home advantage, dont have enough match winners, and their bowling is a bit suspect. But you never know, kuch bhi ho sakta hai....

now to the interesting ques, who should/will be in the finals.... Aus has won too much recently, they got to loose sometime and they will probably in the semis itself, it helps that many key players are injured :P . But if they find a few more Husseys.... it might be a third straight wc win.
South Africa should reach the finals this time, ab to bahut ho chuka.... they are the now the No 1 team officially, that should boost their confidence and motivation levels and prevent them from doing silly things they are famous for... :D . The second finalist should be India, their batting is good, pace attack is solid, experience of 03 would help but more importantly it could be the last wc for sachin and sourav, they would want to win it.
In the finals whoever bats first will win, unless they get out for a really really low score, because neither team is capable of chasing a decent total in the finals.

Now the sad part, saare matches raat ko aayenge aur subah khatam honge... boohoohoo..

I have one question : why do people hide their identity on the net? i mean you hide behind a pseudonym if your intentions are wrong, you want to avoid publicity (some authors do this).... is there any other reason, am i missing something? even you guys have fancy usernames...why?
(i agree even i tried them, probably because everyone used them, ab main to gadha hoon, per tum log...).
in real world our identity is constantly verifierd, we have all sorts of id cards for this purpose, so why not in the virtual world?

one good news, my btp has finally seen some progress, finally got a paper to implement thanks to STC and ashish, hurray!


Adi Sehgal said...

Amazing prediction :P
The first para in ur post looks so funny afta whats happened in the Cup ! :D

deepakazad said...

at least the semi-finalists prediction was correct,except the india part :P