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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Life is complicated, so enjoy it...

I am really sorry about Raj.
Some time back, when my mausaji passed away I had similar thoughts as Anish. Life is so fickle, one never knows what will happen the next moment. A very small incident can , in just a moment, completely change the lives of many people. A person drives a bit too fast, and many lives change. A doctor makes a very small error in diagnosis and it has an enormous effect on lives of some people. But one cannot control these things. (This is when I think wouldn't it be great if had the option of undoing things, a second chance, as we have in computers)

Then there is this question, why are we here? Is there any special purpose for our existence as preached by many religions, or we are just a result of chemical and biological processes.
Then there is one more question, what happens,if something happens, after death? Do we have a soul, and that goes to some place, or the cells in our bodies just stop functioning.

These questions plagued me for quite some time. I don't know the answers, and probably no one does and probably no one ever will. Then I thought what's the point of these questions, since we will never know the answers. I have come to accept that there are certain things which I just cant control, so why bother about them. If I cannot do anything, then what's the point in worrying. On the other hand, if I can do something, then again there is no point in worrying. So I just try to enjoy life. Its anyway very complicated and tough, why make it more complicated and tougher by fretting on things beyond control.

PS: you read in the paper 100 died in bomb blast, its just another news. Prince is trapped and may die, the whole nation is worried. Why??

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